In Loving Memory Of.... 2018 - present

"in Loving Memory Of..." is a multi-disciplinary series of creative actions exploring the parallels between human-induced disruption of natural ecosystems and the ongoing threats imposed upon women's bodies. This project represents a conjoining of two of the most recurrent conceptual threads in my creative practice. The series will utilize a wide range of media and practices to examine the line between reverence for the natural world, and women's existence within it, and the deep fear of accelerating environmental destruction, which I believe is inextricably linked to the oppression of women. 

Action One: The Women of Brush Creek (2018)

A temporary site-specific installation created along Brush Creek in Carbon County, Wyoming. The canvas strips bound to and woven tightly around the trees and bushes evokes the European-American women who settled in this area in the 18th century; the strips of deer and antelope hide draped around and integrated into the landscape evoke women from the Araphao tribe who lived in this area, who were responsible for making clothing and other items from these hides.